Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Two Evils

That was the longest long weekend EVER.  I wait, as patiently as I can, at home, beside the phone all day.  I carry it with me everywhere.  I doesn’t ring, so I try it occasionally with my cell phone.  It is working just fine.  Just fine.

My doctor finally calls after 5pm.

She is calm, but concerned about the pain.  Offers me a prescription for stronger meds.  I’m hesitant to take anything strong – as I need to be 100% with it to parent the kids and get through my day.  But she suggests and anti-inflammatory, and I figure it won’t hurt to try it.  I’m using my pain as a reminder not to over do things, though, so although the pain is annoying, it reminds me to take it easy.

She says the MRI shows something in the bone.  Nothing in the muscle or tissue of my leg, but that there is something in the bone.

Likely a bone infection.  Or Cancer. (I’m pretty sure she said it with a capital C)

To be honest – this doesn’t really surprise me.  It has been what we have been worried about for weeks.  Bone infection or cancer???  I was really hoping the MRI could show us one way or another.

My doctor had already spoken to the orthopedic specialist at GRH, who had told her that it needed to be sent to a specialist at Mt. Sinai in Toronto.  So a referral has been sent.  And she will get back to me by Thursday, if not before.  If his office hasn’t called by Thursday morning, she will call them herself.

The good news is that my blood tests came back normal.  Normal glucose, normal CBC, normal liver function, normal kidney function, no heart muscle damage.

So this is good – whatever is wrong hasn’t made my body sick yet.

However, if it was a bone infection, it is likely that my CBC counts would be off.

So I’m not sure if the normal blood counts are good or bad.  I was hoping that it would show that I was battling a MAJOR infection, and that it would trigger some high dose antibiotic treatment, then I’d be fixed up and pain free in a couple of weeks.

Alas.  Still no firm info about what is wrong with me.

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