Saturday, 28 April 2012

Another MRI

Telling Bee was easier than telling my parents.  Of course, the fact that we had to have the conversation in the 5 minutes it takes kids to get into their jammies helps for sure.

Can’t get too bogged down in the details or the sadness when you have a child at the table joining us for tea!

But then there was a very long drive home.  A drive that normally takes fifty minutes took two hours.  Two long hours in the dark.  To prevent despair,  Jann Arden kept me company on the way.  I know all the words – so if you were driving on the 401 on Thursday night and were stuck in the traffic caused by the closing of two lanes for construction, and noticed a crazy lady in full karaoke mode…that was me.

The MRI I had on Thursday went fine.  I got into the hospital in just over two hours of travel time.  Again on the subway with the great unwashed.  I did, however, get my very own single seat on the way in.  Which meant – NO ONE TOUCHED ME.  Bliss.

The MRI tech was lovely.  Very sweet.  She came out and called my name, but then checked her sheet.  She felt I was very young.  I can honestly say, I’m never called young anymore.  I glanced at the requisition form.

“URGENT!!!  Need MRI before sarcoma biopsy Mon, April 30”

Which explains why despite the 2-3 month wait times for MRIs, I have managed to get my two in one week, and then one day.

The tech asked the usual question “So, do you know why you are here?”

Yes – to get a picture of the growth in my bone before Dr. W does a biopsy on Monday.

After the MRI, the tech said “Are they sure it is a sarcoma?  Your bone looks very straight”

No.  They don’t know.  That is why I’m having a biopsy.  And my bone looks straight because if this is cancer…we caught it early.  The cancer hasn’t started bulging out of my bone.

Tech “I really hope it isn’t a sarcoma”.

Thanks.  Me too.

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