How It All Began

The beginning...

In all the cancer blogs I read, there is a “how this whole thing started” post. This is mine.

I’m an active person, and I’m prone to overdoing it.  For sure.  I jog, I play hockey, I chase the kids around the park, I’m active.  My waist line doesn’t reflect my level of activity.  Rather, it reflects my enjoyment of red wine and gin.  And Doritos.

In January 2012, I started noticing pain when I jogged or when I played hockey.  So I stopped jogging for a week or so, to give it a rest.  I didn’t stop playing hockey.  Because hockey hurts  less than jogging, and is WAY more fun.

I tried jogging again.  The pain hadn’t gotten any better.  If anything, it was worse.  I figured it was my weight.  Or that I was out of shape.  Rest it – and walk instead of jogging.  Perfect.  February came and went, with me doing the most I could.

In March, the pain in my leg continued to grow. Except now it was all the time.  It even woke me up at night. There seemed to be swollen spot on the side of my shin bone. I started taking ibuprofen before bed so I could make it through the night.

By March break, my leg had swollen up quite large, and was “giving out” during activities.  I stopped activities. 

And so it began.  Roll the bones!

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