Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What are the antibiotics supposed to do anyway?

I'm halfway through my 3 months of antibiotics.

My leg is still sore.

It is still swollen.

It still hurts.

It still throbs.

I visited my family doctor a couple of weeks ago, hoping to get some guidance as to what the heck is going on with my leg.

Alas...she has none.

She sent me back to the team at Mt. Sinai.

They told me the following:

Your leg is still healing from the biopsy.

Your leg is still battling a bone infection.

Of course it is sore.

Maybe you are doing too much?

Or not enough?

I was very upset.  It felt very "there there, little lady, you just go on home and put your feet up and take these pills and it will ALL be just peachy keen fine".

Fuckers.  It isn't getting better.  It isn't.

But I really hope they are right.

They say I can come back when my antibiotics are completely finished.  Scheduled me for end of September.