Thursday, 5 April 2012

Results are in

My family doctor calls.  And leaves a message.  She has gotten the results of the MRI.

What the fuck???

She has gotten the results in less than 24 hours????

The message gives me no details (privacy laws), but does assure me that there is nothing emergent that needs to be done this weekend.  And that things are looking serious, but I’m not to panic too much, and that she is working on a plan to get my leg fixed.

She does want the results of my blood test.  So if I haven’t done that yet, I need to do it right away.  I had gotten it done already, so I feel on top of that, at least.

Oh – and this is Thursday before Easter.  And she isn’t working Monday.  So she’ll get back to me Tuesday.

I try not to panic too much.  I still have only told DP and small-c about what is going on.  They both have to put up with my freakouts and my denials all the very long weekend.

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