Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I pick up a requisition for blood work in the morning on the way to our activities.  I’m not sure if it was because of the letter, or if the doctor just wants the information.  Regardless, I’ll fit it in the next day.

The MRI goes well.  I had one years ago for my shoulder, so I knew what I was up for.  It is loud, some people find it very hard to lay there.  I don’t.  A pillow and a blanket and someone else looking after my kids for an hour?  I’m in.

I worry after the scan.  There are FAR too many techs in the observation room.  My MRI tech who did my contrast injection and had gotten me settled doesn’t walk me out of the room as she had the other patients that morning.  She doesn’t even look up.  No one walks me out.  I’m just told “We’ll get the results to your doctor next week”.  There are four MRI techs looking at the computer screen in the observation room.  Shit.

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