Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Official update - still no news

No news is….well, it is still no news.

My family doctor called me before dinner.

She had called Dr. W today, and spoke to the receptionist/secretary/person that answers the phone at his office.

She said that she needed them to call her back with a date for my appointment with Dr. W.

Dr W’s office hasn’t  called her back yet.

There was an alternate surgeon’s name given to her by the local orthopedic guy.  But my doctor knows the work that Dr. W does.  He has been fantastic for another one her patient’s crisis care.  So she would really like me to get in to see him.

I asked her if she knew what was wrong with me.  “Do I have cancer?”.

She took a deep breath.  And said:

“Kat, I just don’t know.  Unfortunately, it is a possibility.  But I can’t even tell you the likelihood.  I can’t interpret the MRI.  It isn’t my specialty.  But Dr. W can tell us.  He is the expert.  He can tell us if he is the doctor to fix you, or if you need to go to someone else.”

All right then.  So we wait.  For Dr. W to get through the backlog that has no doubt piled up on his desk while he was away last week.  And for his office to call to set up the appointment.

Again, my doctor is very concerned about the level of pain I’m in.  I assured her that I’m not in that much pain, as I have pretty much eliminated all unnecessary activities.  Like walking <grin>.  I sit.  A lot.

The toradol does work well.  But you can’t drink while taking it – which rules out Friday and Saturday nights.  In all seriousness – it makes me dizzy and a little out of it.  So I only take it at night.  But it wears off after about 5 hours.  So then I wake up.  But it is better than nothing.  Tonight when I wake, I’m going to take some ibuprofen before trying to go back to sleep.

My doctor says she will talk to me again this week, one way or another.

So we wait.

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