Thursday, 17 May 2012

Start the Car

I have never gotten out of a hospital so quickly.  I was desperate to get out of there before they changed their minds.

Ikea Start the Car

They didn't find cancer.  They found nothing.


Which is great - because I don't have cancer, but not great - because they really don't know what is wrong with my leg.

They are going to assume it is a bone infection (osteomyelitis).  3 months of antibiotics should clear it up.

They didn't manage to culture any infection.  No bacteria or virus was found in the "generous sample" that they took from my leg and bone.  But it is their best guess at this time.

They still don't really know what is wrong with my leg - and it still really hurts - and my bone throbs at night.

But I'm delighted I'm not starting chemo on Monday  :)

Part of me is paranoid that they biopsied the "wrong" area.  And that there is sarcoma lower down.  Or higher up.  And that it will spread and grow.

But that will be caught in August, when we go back fro more testing.  And even, at that point, if it is cancer, it will *still* be early.

In the meantime, I'm on my antibiotics, and calcium and vit D to heal any possible infection, and to regrow the damaged bone.

And I continue to be delighted that I'm not starting Chemo on Monday.

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