Tuesday, 1 May 2012

First day home

Spent the day pretending I was still in hospital.  Sitting on sofa.  Lots of resting.  The big adventure was crutching from one sofa to another so I could watch a movie while the kids were outside with DP.

My percocet fueled brain was very happy to have a day of nothingness. Being around the kids, being with the kids, but not actually doing anything with them, or being responsible for them.

I didn’t nap, though I suspect my brain did shut off a few times.

The pain wasn’t too bad.  But I did know when my 4 hours between pain killer doses were up.

As an extra bonus, I was outed by Dancer today.  “That is a nice purse, Dancer”.

Dancer “Thank you.  I got it when I dropped mommy off at the hospital.  Now she has great crutches with stickers”.

This is what happens when you encourage open communication with your children.

They openly communicate.

Phone call to ask for discretion followed.

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