Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Xray - periosteal reaction

Now – the internet is a wonderful place.  The web has LOADS of interesting information.  The websites I read told me that SVT or phlebitis could take 3-4 weeks to fix.  I should have felt reassured that my leg would fix in time.

But I wasn’t reassured. My leg was getting worse pain wise, though the swelling was reduced.

I had another appointment, with my own doctor this time.  I was sent for an Xray.

I spoke to my doctor the following day, the Wednesday.  She said that there showed a subtle periosteal reaction on my bone.  Basically, there was bone growth. Not much, but some.  My doctor said she was going to requisition an MRI to get more information.

Now.  In my province, MRI times are 2-3 months.  2-3 months.  I am calm about that.  Until I think about how much pain I’m in on a daily basis.  And how long 3 months seems from now.  Can I really be in this much pain until mid June??

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