Friday, 16 March 2012


I had “pitting edema” meaning you could push into the swollen parts of my leg with your fingers, and make fingerprints that stayed for a while.  Sexy, I know.

DP had spent some quality time on the internet, and had decided that I needed to call the doctor.  As I bully him to see the doctor from time to time, I agreed.  I knew he was right.  There was something definitely wrong with my leg.

My doctor’s office took this all very seriously.  I called in the morning.  They saw me at 1230. My own doctor was away, so I saw another member of the practice. .I was booked in for an ultrasound at GRH at 230.  I was directed to go straight to the hospital, and not to leave the hospital until I had been cleared to leave by the ultrasound tech.

The doctor suspected DTV.  Meaning if the suspected clot dislodged, I could have a stroke.  Fun.  I couldn’t go straight to the hospital, as I had the kids with me.  But I dropped them off at home with DP, and headed to the hospital.  I even paid for parking.  Obviously, that was me taking the threat of a stroke very seriously.

There was no DVT.  Great news.  So likely SVT or phlebitis.  Wrap it.  Ice it.  Elevate it.  Take ibuprofen.  Take it easy.


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